Minsick You @123456
19 July, 05:15
100 XDT coins eligible for new Xpere subscription free event

*Simple 3-minute operation for a second.

*Xpeare Wallet ★★★★★

Free payment event for 100 XDT coins.

*Sandbox and Chainlink, Clayton Partnership.

*A Clayton-based integrated asset management system.

*In addition, 5 oXDT coins will be paid daily upon attendance check.

*Additional mining of 100 XDTs during new subscriber recruitment activities.

■Subscription link and recommendation code■


● code required: kNJtQk
Minsick You @123456
19 July, 06:13
Metamask will be listed
4,000 every day

*Metamask will be listed.

*Attendance check type meta mask airdrop.

*August: CoinGeko, CoinMarketCap listing.

*September: Metamask exchange, pancake swap.

*December: Listed on the Centralized Exchange.

*4,000 for attendance check every day.

*bonus: 10,000.

■Air drop link■

●Register Metamask Wallet Token●

(Please check the registration status and withdraw.) )

Token Name: MetaMask

Symbol: MASK

Decimal: 18


Minsick You @123456
19 July, 06:22
BBee Network International
New app mining ad X, mining + game function iPhone available


1. Download and install the app (iPhone goes down to the bottom homepage link)

2. Select Language

3. Enter recommendation code
Code : 9pat7h4d

- Press Enable Collection to mine Neta (four-hour cycle)
- Charge and fit free equipment (increase hash power)

4.Click the store on the right side of the inventory screen
- You can collect BBEE and purchase equipment set

Minsick You @123456
11 July, 06:45
Free Mining New Cat Mine
Coughing a cats teeth
1 CCT = 0.00001725 BTC

Proceed with withdrawal after swapping
Applicable to Generation 2 repertoire
After mining for a certain period of time, click on the coin and receive it.
You can exchange bitcoins using mined coins.
Additional minor purchases, inventory installation, and hash processing
Make sure to proceed with the tutorial after signing up (basic payment for excavators)

Minsick You @123456
01 July, 06:29
SIACOIN (SC) mining listed on Binance


Download SIACOIN mining application

Invitation code: 14407532

You cannot sign up without an invitation code.
Click Continue with Google to register. E-mail above
Registration is not allowed. After registering and entering, check the regular code, name, my email address, phone number, and consent box as below, and click Sign Up.

I understand that withdrawals are free.
Minsick You @123456
01 July, 06:27
[Extremely early] PS1 24-hour one-touch MEXC-listed coin sports

PolySports is a next-generation daily fantasy sports platform based on blockchain technology. The platform combines Fantasy Sports and DEFI capabilities to provide revenue opportunities for both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 users, making it the ultimate destination for both sports lovers and the Crypto community.

Please go to the link below


MEXC : https://m.mexc.com/auth/si...

Thank you!
Invitation code: qiQmh006LjN
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01 July, 06:21
TestNet Wallet Launch Satoshi BTCs Coin Start
Out of the total 2.1 billion,
Its been mined about 230 million mines
More than 35 million mining

Subscription link


● Total issuance: 2.1 billion.
● Same bulk mining method as Bitcoin.
● Half-life every four years.
● About 0.02 small amount of mining is possible per day, but the number of mining is not important, but the proportion is important.
I expect the expected value to be that high.
● It is a mining coin that has not been half-life yet.
● BTC can be obtained (withdrawal to wallet)
Minsick You @123456
01 July, 06:22
Satoshi TestNet can raise the hash value by 3k every day.


Network Name: Satoshi Chain

RPC : https://rpc.test.btcs.netw...
Chain id: 1115

Symbols: tBTCs

block explorer url: https://scan.test.btcs.net...
Minsick You @123456
20 June, 11:34
We have a turbulent market at the moment and we think the best we can do is to continue building and supporting our community. So, we are starting a new mining event.

Mining event
· Time : 20th June 2022 09:00 KST — 04th of July 2022 09:00 KST
· Reward : Get LER rewards for every NEW friends you are inviting during the Event time.
· Reward Details : Get 1 LER for every new friend as additional Bonus who is joining Boomco and solving at least one Quiz. Get additional LER rewards for every new friend that is actively mining with Boomco during the Event Time.

Minsick You @123456
22 June, 12:34
Hello, everyone!

Lets start a new Sigma event. In three weeks, the kit will triple the prize money. In addition, customers who invite the latest users over the next three weeks will receive NFT prizes (ten NFTs).

Sigma Network Management Team

NFT holders receive a 25% mining speed bonus.

Invitation code: 555555

Sigma Network Sigma New App Mining! 24-hour, NFT issue and link

Minsick You @123456
16 June, 03:22
All you have to do is enter your email

Current pre-registration period (to be released in mid-22/right away

NOAH Pre-Registration] All you need to do is enter your email! If you miss it, youll regret it

Initial preemption is important by pre-registration (more than 100,000 applications)
(Compared to Satoshi and Pi, strong technology and reliable development team)

Performance Procedures
1. Go to the email entry screen via the link above
2. Enter your e-mail and check after accessing your e-mail
3. Pre-booking completed

Minsick You @123456
15 June, 08:58 (E)
This is MetaFuel, a new mining application for web3.0 version

After signing up, you have to press claim on the screen to receive 1000 pieces, and you have to log out and log in once after email authentication to activate.

If you press claim again, you will receive 10 additional items, and if you press once every 24 hours, you will be mined 10 piecesThis is MetaFuel, a new mining application for web3.0 version

Download link:

code :
Minsick You @123456
15 June, 08:31
Theres an application called Learn to Earn (L2E) that makes money by learning.

The name of the application is boomco and you can mine LER coins.

BOOMCO COMMUNICATION aims to apply blockchain to the educational ecosystem, and the representative is Park Kyung-hoon as a domestic platform.

They say they will maximize the effect by using artificial intelligence and blockchain for language education services.

iPhone users are now able to mine.

https://field portal.boomco.io/QLCI2R
Minsick You @123456
08 June, 07:47
Free mining Strong recommendation Domestic NF Blockchain Blockchain Carbon ZERO Coin

Automatically dig 24 hours a day. Log in once. Take the initial

1. Country
2. Enter 1012345678 except 0 before mobile phone number
3. Enter email address and send authentication code
4. Enter email authentication code number
5.Enter recommender code lsy2384
6.After checking the node participants agreement to the terms and conditions,
7.Click Membership

Minsick You @123456
08 June, 08:22
Kakao Easy Login


1. Earn money as much as you spend time using your phone

2. Earn money as much as you don use your phone

- - 1 money per 2 minutes

3. Unconventional friend invitation event

- - Get paid monthly on one invitation

- - 30,000 won per friend per invitation.

- JN: The friends that I invited, if I earn a profit from the invitation, Ill earn 10%!

4. Withdrawal immediately upon application for withdrawal

- - No more waiting

- - It will be paid to the member as soon as withdrawal application/gifticon
Minsick You @123456
04 June, 05:39
[Extremely early] PS1 24-hour one-touch MEXC-listed coin sports

Please go to the link below


MEXC : https://m.mexc.com/auth/si...

I posted a picture of it
You can check the actual linked-in history, so please check it out

Member registration compensation: 100 pieces
Invitational subscription compensation: 10 units
1.92 mining per day
You can press it for 24 hours and mine it
Its a coin listed on MEXC and since its the beginning of mining,
Make sure you mine!

Invitation code: qiQmh006LjN
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02 June, 07:51
SIACOIN (SC) mining listed on Binance


Download SIACOIN mining application

Invitation code: 14407532

You cannot sign up without an invitation code.
Click Continue with Google to register. E-mail above
Registration is not allowed. After registering and entering, check the regular code, name, my email address, phone number, and consent box as below, and click Sign Up.

I understand that withdrawals are free.
Minsick You @123456
01 June, 06:34

If you go in through the link above, youll see the "join" section like the image below
4. Re-enter password
5. Register
6.Enter email verification code

We mine HTK coins every 24 hours
Enter the code number and the hash will be +20.
(Limited number of people)
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27 May, 11:29
Free mining New BISHOUMA Vishuma

Free mining New BISHOUMA BISHOUMA Click once every 24 hours
App release scheduled

After the success of the chain, Ti META partnered with One Block Fund to launch a new project B.
The combined name of the .

Registration process

Register > Enter Email Address
Enter password/re-enter password
Recommender Code Input 8ytvic
Mining button > open


Click mining at the bottom of the picture
Click the middle open mining button
Minsick You @123456
24 May, 06:32
MUSEDAO Free Airdrop 200MUSEDAO (~$600)


Participation compensation: $200 MUSEDAO (~$600)
Recommended compensation: $20 MUSEDAO (~60)
Winner: All participants
End/Distribution Date: June 28, 2022
Invitation link: https://t.me/MUSEDAONFT_BO...

Contract Address : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)


Decimal: 18


$MUSEDAO is a key indicator of ecosystem management.

The $MUSEDAO token holder will be the decision maker for future events in the universe.
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24 May, 06:27
Extremely square paper advertising platform

1. 20,000 SDS shares and 20,000 won for subscription registration only

2. Earn 80 won each for 20 seconds of advertising subscription (very simple)
Up to 16,000 won per day

3. If you invite a recommended person, you will receive 30,000 won per invitation allowance!
A system in which the recommended persons pay is compounded
4. If you sign up, you need to enter the information correction menu and fill in the basic information (contact information, mail, address, etc.)

Minsick You @123456
21 May, 08:30
FlokiVerseRound2 Free Airdrop (35,000,000 FVS)/Attendance Type

Daily Compensation: 25,000,000 FVS
Recommended Compensation: 5,000,000 FVS
Minimum withdrawal amount: 35,000,000 FVS

Deadline: June 20



Participating LINK: https://t.me/FlokiVerseRou...
Minsick You @123456
20 May, 10:16
BabyDogeCoin Free Airdrop 150,000,000,000 BabyDogeCoin ($200)

$BabyDogeCoin Airdrop
Participation compensation: $150,000,000,000 BabyDoggeCoin ($200)
Invitation reward: $60,000,000 BabyDoggeCoin ($100)

End Date: June 6, 2022
Distribution date: June 6, 2022

Airdrop Link: https://t.me/BabyDogeCoino...

Market: Pancake Swap, P2P , CoinMarketCap, Poocoin ...

Contract Address:


Coin Name: BabyDogeCoin
Symbol: BabyDoge
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Minsick You @123456
20 May, 10:02
Twitter Coin Free Airdrop (40,000 TC) / Attendance check

Twitter Coin Airdrop

Total Airdrop Reward: 1,00,000,000 $TC
Daily compensation: $20,000 TC
Recommended compensation: $10,000TC
Minimum withdrawal amount: $40,000 TC
I collect them every two days and withdraw them

Deployment: Immediately

​First come, first served!
Participating LINK bot:

Network: TomoChain
Name: Twitter Coin
Symbol: TC
Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0xCB2d7A4f7ac98ba9b2DFE02a88bED1Aef60F7cdC
Minsick You @123456
20 May, 09:55
XUSD Finance Free Airdrop (200 XUSD) Listed Coin / Attendance - Hurry up by May 25th.XUSD Finance Airdrop

XUSD Finance Airdrop
Airdrop: 1,000,000 XUSD
Daily compensation: 200 X USD
Invitational compensation: 300 XUSD
Minimum withdrawal amount: 100 XUSD
You can withdraw money right away every day.
Distribution: Immediately

The end date is May 25th

Subscription link

Token Contract: 0x9d16d04956088700eCFdDFC866aC4d31675F74e3

Name: XUSD.Finance
Symbol: $XUSD
Network: TT (Thundercore Mainnet)
Decimal: 18
Minsick You @123456
20 May, 09:22
Moox Protocol Airdrop

Participation compensation: $500 MOOX (~$500)
Invitation compensation: $50 MOOX (~$50)
Winners: All participants

Distribution date: June 10, 2022
Market : CoinMarketCap

The current market price of $1.65 on CoinMarketCap

​ Airdrop Link: https://t.me/Moonxmooxprot...

Contract Address:

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Total Supply: 146,106.032594
Coin Name: Moox
Symbol: MOOX
Decimals: 18
Minsick You @123456
19 May, 04:07
The AirDrop that Im going to introduce this time is ET Coin held by the exchange
             # Ten dollars immediately paid #

10 ET coins will be provided as soon as you sign up, and additional coins will be given through missions

Its worth a dollar each

Its a superex exchange thats downloaded over 100,000 on Google Play

Minsick You @123456
19 May, 01:32
New superEx exchange coin 30ET (~$30) Free air drop distribution on 5/23 Don miss it

Get the 3rd free airdrop on the SuperEX exchange!
Airdrop, a superex exchange with Korean support

I think we
e already in the middle of a coin transaction.
I recommend that you do it no matter what

Participation compensation: 30 ET tokens (~$30)
Recommended compensation: 20 ET tokens (~$20)
Airdrop will end on May 25th
Distribution: May 23
Airdrop bot:
Minsick You @123456
17 May, 11:31
Free mining Attendance recommendation (withdrawal certification completed) Poly Doge Poly Doge Coin Market cap / Pancake swap Listed coins 1 time in 24 hr

Mining end date September 15, 2022

PolyDogge ($PolyDog)
Reward: $500 billion in polido
Daily Bonner: 2020: $20,000 Polydos
Compensation 2020: $20,000 Polydos
Minimum withdrawal: $120,000 PolyDog

Network polygon-based
Contact address

About Puligon


Subscription link
Minsick You @123456
17 May, 11:08
Coin Update Free Airdrop (5,000,000 Cut to $200) / Attendance check

Coin Update Airdrop

Prize Pool: 500.000.000 Cut
Participation compensation: $1,000,000 Cut to $40
Invitational compensation: 1,000,000 Cut to $40
Minimum withdrawal amount: $5,000,000 Cut to $200

End Date: June 5, 2022
Deployment: Immediately
Listed: Yes on Quick Swap

Contract Address :

Network: Polygon Chain0x790432714bDCBAEEFe7E209A80FDA1901364DA3a