Segobi undertakes to keep every information received about you. By using the services provided by Segobi, you also agree to the use of the information received about you as specified in this agreement.

Segobi requests the least amount of information necessary to provide you with a proper service. In this contract, it is explained what type of transactions and what type of information is received. By using our website, you grant Segobi the right to collect this information.

Information on Card Payments You Will Make

We care more about the security of your card information when making payments with credit or debit cards. That's why, thanks to the SSL certificate of the card information you have entered, we ensure that your card information is sent encrypted even in internet cafes etc., making it impossible to track it. We offer you the simple virtual keyboard we have developed as a precaution against malicious software that records data entered from the keyboard, such as keyloggers, etc. that may be on your computer. With all these precautions, we aim to keep your credit card information completely safe when you shop on our site, so that even we cannot see the card information you have paid.

Information Received

Depending on the service you receive/payment you make, some or all of the following information may be requested from you: Your name, surname, telephone number, address, ID number, e-mail address. In addition, additional information/documents other than these may be required. If necessary, you are obliged to send the information requested from you to Segobi within the requested time.

Your ID numbers are stored in the system in order to be able to issue invoices to you and to find a real contact person when necessary. Your identification numbers will only be used when issuing invoices and to present them to legal authorities when necessary. It is not possible to use it other than these or to share it with third parties other than legal authorities.

Use of Information

Segobi uses the collected information primarily to meet your purpose of visiting our website. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure unauthorized access to this information. However, Segobi does not have any legal or criminal responsibility for the dispersion of the recorded information in the event of a hack.


Your internet browser has the ability to store information called "cookies" so that websites can recognize your account. Segobi's website also uses this feature. You can prevent these cookies from being installed on your computer, but in such a case, you cannot fully benefit from Segobi's website.

Information Disclosure

The information collected about you through Segobi's website is not shared with third parties. Your information will be used to contact you and keep you up to date with Segobi developments. If Segobi decides to share your information with any third parties, it will only be with your consent. You are free to delete the information collected from our system at any time (as long as you do not receive service from Segobi).

From time to time, Segobi may share certain information with some third parties (how many people visit Segobi's website, how many completed orders, etc.), but none of these shared information will reveal your identity or violate your privacy.

Providing Legal Information

Segobi has the right to share customer information with legal authorities without informing the customer when necessary. Segobi will cooperate with legal authorities.

Contract Changes

Any changes to this agreement will be visible here. Segobi reserves the right to change the contract without notice. You have the right to delete your membership at any time (as long as you do not receive services from Segobi).


If you have any questions about Segobi's privacy policy, if you would like to learn what information is collected about you, you can get information by sending an e-mail to