Huro ... @huro
27 September, 03:16
Artificial intelligence is a miracle that makes peoples lives easier in daily life and shapes the technologies of the future.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Technology #Innovation #FutureTech
Huro ... @huro
24 September, 12:34
Artificial intelligence is the most fascinating technology of the future, but it is necessary to take precautions considering its potentially dangerous aspects.
#FutureTech #AI #Precautions
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
25 August, 05:45
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
22 July, 01:50
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
21 July, 03:39
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
21 July, 03:38
Zarko Janicijevic @fa_25796
05 July, 07:21
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
23 May, 03:32
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
22 May, 04:19
vincent paul @vin
04 May, 01:13
hey feeling good
karla gomes @karla22
27 April, 11:58
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fatih seymen @Seymenler
31 March, 04:27
Zarko Janicijevic @zarkojanicijevic
20 March, 04:13
dee rau @deerau145
19 March, 09:34
Hello Deuce Siix. What is new with you today?
karla gomes @karla22
18 March, 03:17

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