28 July, 01:42
Dear StarBetters,


⛏⛏Mine STAR Tokens just by making BETS! With every BET you make, you will mine STAR Tokens, whether you win or lose!

🌟We are on the THIRD stage, so for every 1200 satoshi (BTC) that you bet, you will receive 1 STAR Token.

🌟STAR Tokens have a mining price that will increase by 100 satoshi (BTC) with every stage.

💰By holding STAR Tokens you will automatically get daily dividend distributions. The more STAR Tokens you have, the more dividends you RECEIVE!

🎲PLAY more games and MINE more STARs!
25 July, 01:45
☃️ StarBets

🤑 #Win upto 40,000 $TRX by referring to your friends and family

💯 #Profit sharing system with daily #dividend payouts

💰Up to 30% real #cashback that never expires

👉🏼#Referral #bonus and more.

🎁 Daily, Weekly and Monthly #Competitions and #giveaways


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Minsick You @123456
24 May, 06:32
MUSEDAO Free Airdrop 200MUSEDAO (~$600)


Participation compensation: $200 MUSEDAO (~$600)
Recommended compensation: $20 MUSEDAO (~60)
Winner: All participants
End/Distribution Date: June 28, 2022
Invitation link:

Contract Address : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)


Decimal: 18


$MUSEDAO is a key indicator of ecosystem management.

The $MUSEDAO token holder will be the decision maker for future events in the universe.
Gerald Thugz @thugz13
23 May, 08:09
💰 Total to earn per Participant: 20 TRX (2 USDT) + 1,000 $COINS (3 USDT)
💰 Winners: all participants
💰 Top 150 Referrals will Receive 10,000 $COINS (30 USDT)
💰 Bonus: 10 USDT for trade (10 USDT will received if complete KYC)

👥 Your personal referral link:
Minsick You @123456
20 May, 09:22
Moox Protocol Airdrop

Participation compensation: $500 MOOX (~$500)
Invitation compensation: $50 MOOX (~$50)
Winners: All participants

Distribution date: June 10, 2022
Market : CoinMarketCap

The current market price of $1.65 on CoinMarketCap

​ Airdrop Link:

Contract Address:

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Total Supply: 146,106.032594
Coin Name: Moox
Symbol: MOOX
Decimals: 18
07 May, 07:44
SquidNFT Games

The Only #Blockchain #Game
Win Chance > 93% to 99%🦸🦸🦸🦸🦸

🚀Destiny Marbles ( >99% )
🚀Slippery Rope ( >98% )
🚀Red Light, Blue Light ( >97% )
🦸Flip-Flop Envelopes ( >96% )
🚀Killing Sweets ( >95% )
🚀Crowned Peak ( >94% )
🚀Rock-Paper-Scissors ( >93% )

Minsick You @123456
02 May, 05:08
New stonks for free mining

Mining time: Click once for 24 hours

Basic Mining Speed 2.0/h

+0.5/h increase when recommended

Recommended input 50 coins paid

Additional bonus: Open the box every 30 minutes GITBOX

Well draw bitcoin with the coins we e mined

Purchase application tickets with 10 BIT COIN DRAW mining coins
Bitcoin will be paid when you win
Enter the recommender code and get 50 coins

After entering recommender 111111

Share your ID (after creating a recommendation code)
Thank you for your efforts.
02 May, 06:52
Squid NFT World ( Powered by #BiSwap )

Staff Game

Join to win fixed BSW rewards & up to 10,000% APR!

Staff Game is a win-win game with a low entry cost.🤑🤑🤑
rahasiawecall @rahasiawecall
28 April, 11:50
Quick Cashback: Deposit $50, Get Extra $50 and Win PS5!

Who doesn like cashback? In a very limited time, we will be distributing a bonus worth 55,000 USDT for every deposit made by qualified users, as well as 3 PS5s for traders.

registration and participation period: 27 April 2022 at 17.00 WIB - 10 June 2022 at 17.00 WIB

*Only users in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines are eligible to participate in this event. Come join the new and old user event here!

More info is in the comments
#Bybit #BIT
Minsick You @123456
27 April, 03:07
Very very early
💟 World Network 💟
🎉 Google officially launched on April 20
🎉 NFT Virtual Real Estate Coins
🎉 12-hour attendance check type (as of 12 p
. Click Unlock
💌 Acquired WP: Swap a certain percentage of virtual real estate platform transactions

💌Subscription link:
▶ Personal ID (recommendation code)
▶ Enter/confirm password
▶ Recommendation code input: h1234
▶ Enter your email
▶ Enter nickname
Minsick You @123456
27 April, 02:52
Free mining new moon

Click once every 24 hours to win the first place

Click once every 24 hours

Estimated listing date November 23

Listing expected to be 0.3~0.4$

Recommender subscription compensation 25

Basic mining rate 12/h



Recommended in code 95c29

Subscription link

Link to Google Facebook after consent check

Enter an English name

Recommended in code 95c29


Mining button start min cli
Minsick You @123456
27 April, 02:41
Meta Network is a large project aimed at building a metabus platform ecosystem.
Through the mining app, you can obtain a certain amount of Meta Token, and we plan to build it so that you can engage in various economic activities within the metabus ecosystem that is currently being developed.

Order of membership registration.
- ID (Recommended rapper)
- Enter the password.
- Checking the password.
- English name.
- Email address.
- Recommendation code: aa1234
Minsick You @123456
27 April, 02:31
💟 Coin Mine X Coin💟
Solar Mine X Listed gold coins.
   Released on February 22, 2022.
   Updated on February 25, 2022.
Pen cake swap. Hotbit Global Award.
Im not advertising. Exclude the cost.
Eco-friendly mining method.
+Guide +
+ Skip the introduction screen.
+Click Register.
+Enter your username.
(This is the invitation code)
+ Enter your email.
Enter the +password.
(Just once)

Recommended code: 12

Click Register to log in.
You have to pay SMX or BUSD.
Just keep the package window closed.
Hoạt Hoang @HoatHoang19
26 April, 07:00
warm winter
26 April, 12:40
DCB World (Lifetime NFT Ticket)


😲 Am i Listening correct, Buy Ticket once and participate in lottery draw every week for whole life and also ❤️Resale Tickets 👍 whenever you want 😍


Minting an NFT Ticket costs 0.2ETH

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